Saturday, January 02, 2010

"Warm and Cozy", 11x14, oil on linen, paintings of cats, tabby cats, hearth fire, copper pots

"Warm and Cozy", 11x14, oil on linen panel-Note- This painting is not for sale.

Although I am a cat lover and have 2 pet cats, I have never attempted to paint a cat until today. I decided that this year I will no longer shrink away from painting subjects that scare me because of my inexperience. I am happy with this- my first cat painting, as it conveys the message of warm and coziness that I had been trying to produce.

Back in my home in Pennsylvania, we had three fireplaces, and one was a huge walk-in fireplace with stone hearth and an antique crane and welcome window. I had a copper pot hanging on the crane that invited the feelings of coziness and warmth that I tried to convey in this painting. We could use a fireplace in Florida right now!

Brrrr!!!! It's even frigid here in Florida today! Stay warm and Happy New Year!

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Carol Anne Brown said...

This is beautiful. No need to shy away from painting cats! You just know she's loitering near the pot to savor the aromas of a simmering supper. Right about now my hands are ice cold from the 'low' thermostat and frigid outdoor temps, so a toasty cat painting was very attractive.