Wednesday, May 26, 2010

"Ofu Island", 16x12, oil on linen, paintings of tropical islands, paintings of Ofu Isalnd, American Samoa, MAryanne Jacobsen paintings

"Ofu Island", 16x12, oil on linen,

As I have half-halfheartedly followed the news about the so called "top kill" of the oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico, I tried to get my mind off of things by listening to Susan Boyle's lovely CD (which I rec'd as a Christmas gift), as well as painting something far away from the Gulf of Mexico. This painting of Ofu Island, which is part of American Samoa in the South Pacific, near Hawaii, was the result. Ofu Island is part of America's national park system. If you wish to purchase this painting, please contact me at, and I'll send you a PayPal invoice.

I am also looking forward to continuing to get my mind off of things with tonight's finale of American Idol. I know I sound like a teeny-bopper, but I have been following this season avidly because I feel such a deep and profound connection to Crystal Bowersox. I have no idea why, since she was born even after all of my children were born, but if she wins tonight I will be the first to run out and purchase her first record/CD/ album or whatever the heck they call those things these days. She is a unique artist with her own vision, and has a voice that even angels must respect.

I watched her audition in Chicago months ago on Idol and immediately predicted she would win. (I also predicted David Cook would win and confess I didn't watch Idol last year so my track record is meager!) But just ask my hubby if I didn't go ape-sh.......t when she first auditioned with her little baby boy in Chicago). If she doesn't win, I'll be disappointed for her, but will also know that it was simply not God's plan and will for her to join the ranks of so many people who were talented and subsequently swept up in the current that is Hollywood's rock-star idolatry, which usually results in the rock star's ultimate demise.

Crystal, you are amazing. Your rendition of "Up to the Mountain" last night, left me crying as any artist would who has felt the amazing presence of another artist's pure talent. God must truly love you so to have brought you so far. Don't ever lose that thought, regardless of tonight's outcome.

"Up To The Mountain" lyrics

I went up to the mountain
Because you asked me to
Up over the clouds
To where the sky was blue
I could see all around me
I could see all around me

Sometimes I feel like
I've never been nothing but tired
And I'll be walking
Till the day I expire
Sometimes I lay down
No more can I do
But then I go on again
Because you ask me to

Some days I look down
Afraid I will fall
And though the sun shines
I see nothing at all
Then I hear your sweet voice, oh
Oh, come and then go, come and then go
Telling me softly
You love me so

The peaceful valley
Just over the mountain
The peaceful valley
Few come to know
I may never get there
Ever in this lifetime
But sooner or later
It's there I will go
Sooner or later
It's there I will go

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Loved these paintings. Amazing ^^