Monday, May 17, 2010

Yellow Shutters and Blue Hydrangeas, oil on linen, paintings of Europe, garden views, paintings of gardens and courtyards, paintings of hydrangeas

"Yellow shutters and blue Hydrangeas", 9x12, oil on wrapped Masterpiece linen-(Note: Click on the image for a better view of the texture.)

I am a huge fan of hydrangeas, but have not had much luck growing them here in a subtropical climate zone. The owners of this villa in Corsica obviously do not have the same problem!

I used lots of luscious thick blue paints (cobalt blue, Cerulean blue, ultramarine blue, etc.), layered on with a palette knife like frosting on a cake, for the hydrangeas, and the painting was also done on an archival Vincent wrapped linen support as an extra measure of artistic extravagance.(as Don Sahli says, "Paint like a rich man!") So it is a good value for people who like Maryanne Jacobsen palette knife scenes.It has been in an exhibit since last summer, but is now available for purchase.

I found the reference photo online,at a popular picture upload site site, and would love to credit the photographers for the stunning picture, but I was unable to find an email address attached to the photo.

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Those are some really nice strokes. I like your style, how it seems to be fading. The colors just looks vibrant and well chosen, which makes the picture so alive. Really colorful.