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Abstract waterlilies, 10x10, mega-rant about oil spill, environment, catastrophic consequences, free speech, Joe Lieberman, Corexit, Charlie Crist,

SOLD"Abstract Waterlilies", 10x10, oil on linen-

The following is not a blog post about art. It is very ugly rant. So go away if you don't want to read about the truth, and follow links that will tell a tale, and help you understand the true magnitude of a tragic situation that will only get worse unless the common people demand truth , transparency and actions that are non- toxic!

Isn't it indicative of how dumbed down we are that when you turn on the television the news, and America in general, is fixated on World Cup Soccer?

Now let me say that I love soccer and all three of my sons were very fine soccer players in their day. My husband even coached a traveling soccer team and formed his own club! So I am no slouch to soccer.

What is really ticking me off is the media black-out on the truth about the oil spill. The possible truth according to this geologist and biologist (read it if you dare!) is devastating to those of us who live on the gulf coast, as well as to the entire world, but meanwhile the US happily eats french fries and celebrates the Lakers and watches the latest brouhaha at the World Cup oblivious to the fact that life as we know it is changing for everyone forever as a result of this horrendous catastrophe. If this leak is truly unstoppable, as some believe, the ramifications are horrific.

The painting above began as a plein air study out at the Jetty in Venice, Florida the other day. I got up at six and went out to the jetty at seven AM to paint before the humidity set in with a local plein air group, and yet all I could concentrate on was the blue heron nibbling down at the rocks and the pelicans nestling happily in the trees and on the pilings.

All I could wonder was how much longer they had to survive in what is destined to become just another dead sea- castrated thanks to the greed and indifference of humanity to God's beautiful creation.

The day before I had gone fishing with my son on my husband's boat, even though I really don't fish. (Couldn't put a hook in any creature if my life depended on it!) I wanted to take in as much of the beautiful Gulf of Mexico as I could while it remains alive and lovely-at least here in Sarasota County. Evidently there were many others taking in a lovely day and a chance to catch snook at the jetty as you can see from the picture that I took from the boat as we left the jetty:

This weekend there is free fishing for all here, (no license required) because obviously the officials know that there will soon be no more fishing anywhere in this Gulf for decades to come- in a very short while. As the turtles and dolphins and whales are starting to be found dead in the water, (more media black-out) I have decided that I am definitely done eating fish- my favorite protein- probably for the rest of my life. Might as well get used to it, I told myself, since the seas are all interconnected and before we know it even the Alaskan salmon will be poisoned or extinct as a result of this tragedy. But no one wants to talk about this- no one wants to confront the possibility that many of the scientists and geologists and biologists who are trying to study this gusher, are concluding that it is a malevolent affront to the environment, and could bring about consequences that almost unthinkable for humanity! Some are trying to voice their worst fears through their blogs since they are being shunned by the main stream media. Here's the possible truth folks! Are you ready? In all probability the well was breached below the sea bed and the well can't be fixed and the oil cannot be stopped no matter how many relief wells they dig! That's why the top kill failed. Pushing mud and cement into a well that's been breached below the sea bed isn't going to fix anything.

Oh yeah , and catch this one! Internet bill calls for shut down of Internet by President if there is a national crisis. Wow, what timing! Hey Joe Lieberman. I used to like you. My son even worked on your campaign against that rich guy that tried to defeat you in Connecticut a couple years back. But guess what Joe? You suck just like every other politician (both parties included) in America right now! Free speech is American. What country do you work for?

Would panic ensue if the truth was known? Absolutely! But does the public have a right to know the truth and try to plan for the future without the interference of a corrupt government? Absolutely!

Hell, look at the great job our great government did during Hurricane Katrina! I sure don't want to hang around and wait for them to tell me I have to evacuate, because their evacuations will certainly be more deadly than a little methane gas, (which is spewing out of the Gulf with the oil in mega proportions, by the way and strangling the oxygen levels for the sea creatures.) I have considered abandoning my home here on the Gulf and taking off. But then I think to myself- what will that accomplish? Just when Florida was starting to recover from the economic disaster of the past couple years- THIS happens. No use running away. My home is now worth Zero, and so is my son's, who moved here with his young bride and great expectations just 6 short months ago. That's the truth and I am accepting it. But what about the fragile environment that the future depends upon for food and sustenance? What about the people who are getting sick from the deadly dispersant Corexit? When is the public going to get outraged enough to make these traitors in our government accountable for their crimes of greed and disregard for the welfare of the people?

Back to my painting...

So I took my rotten plein air painting home and wiped it out and painted some waterlilies instead. I used thick OIL paint. Shame on me! I used a photo of the waterlily pond at Mission San Juan Capistrano, California for a reference, since that is pretty far from the Gulf Coast and people in southern California are still happy about the Lakers winning and not thinking about manatees in the Gulf of Mexico.

I noticed that some people stopped following my blog after my first rant on the oil spill, but that's okay. Our lives have been altered irreparably and detrimentally thanks to corrupt government in bed with big business (In January, the Supreme Court rolled back restrictions on corporate funding of advertising during federal campaigns),and I am not going to keep my mouth shut anymore. Ironically, for decades Florida would not allow drilling off its shores in the Gulf of Mexico (that changed recently thanks to our "environmentally friendly" President), yet now Florida is going to suffer , too, along with states like Louisiana that have been friendly to big oil for years because of the jobs it creates. I have no problem with creating jobs, but there should have been some decent SCIENTIFIC NOT GOVERNMENTAL oversight on this company, for heaven's sake, especially if it was going to dig monstrously deep wells in the most fragile eco-system in the US!! IS there any future left for my children? Can someone please answer that question? I know I'm losing it, but I am really, really angry, and very upset.

There is a company in Denmark that has products that will bio-degrade oil products rapidly, without harming the environment. Only harmless residues remain. See link here. Why is the government and EPA allowing BP to use the highly toxic Corexit to disperse the oil, instead of a product like this, or this product Munox, produced right here on the Gulf in Osprey? Why? I'll tell you why!! Because the government has protected the interests of big oil for years and if they use something natural to break down the crude then BP can't take the recovered oil and make $$$$$$$money from it! Shame! Shame! Shame! Governor Crist, open your danged mouth and be a hero for a change!

The truth hurts, folks, but we need to demand that our voices be heard, NOW, especially now since BP has bought up Google and Yahoo's search words on the oil spill in order to control what the public knows about the oil spill! Yikes! Let's stop being so complacent in thinking that the government actually cares about our lives and our futures! (I am sure this will be one of the first blogs to get shut down , when Mr. Lieberman's bill gets passed. That's okay, I still have my big mouth until they come and take me away to the looney bin! Sadly, a lot of folks reading this blog post will think I am a loon. That's Okay. I'd rather be a loon than an ostrich.
Thanks for listening to my latest rant on the Gulf Catastrophe.

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