Friday, January 21, 2011

Big Sur, california impressionist landscpape, 20x16

SOLD Big Sur, 16x20,unframed, oil on canvas

I visited Big Sur a few years back and have fond memories of how gorgeous the wild Pacific coast was! We drove that gorgeous long winding highway known as Pacific Coast Highway 1 that skirts the mountain range through Big Sur, and the breathtaking scene translated to a painting as soon as I arrived home. Now that's what I call inspiration!

I certainly have fond memories etched into my brain of that place, and since I painted this one a while back, perhaps I will try to do another repeat scene in upcoming days. While we drove the scenic Pacific Highway, we stopped at a restaurant at the northern end of Big Sur, called Nepenthe, and enjoyed lunch on the mountaintop there. I took the photo below of a statue of the phoenix rising from the ashes that greeted us as we entered the restaurant terrace.

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