Sunday, May 29, 2011

Dog Days of Summer, paintings of dogs, beaches, bikinis

"Dog Days of Summer", 20x16, oil on linen

This painting has evolved over time, using work that was started in a figurative session with a live model and evolving into a beach scene, using photos that I took on our dog beach last year, as well as photos that my husband took of my legs, lol.

In the figurative session, the model was nude and staring to the right under all that hair. Whenever I paint from a live model, I always try to finish the work at home from photos taken during the session. In this case, there were no reference photos to take home so what started out as a promising work would either end up in the trash , or I would have to become creative. I decided to get creative. I asked my husband to photograph my legs so that I would have some sort of reference for her lower half. Then I covered her bosom in a bikini, added the dog on the belly board and the red blanket. Overall, I am not displeased with this painting, since it was a challenge to meld all the different light influences into something cohesive.

I am going to enter this in the upcoming "Summer Fun" exhibit at the Venice Art Center.

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annap.44 said...

ciao sono anna ed abito a florence italy
mi piae molto la tua pittura sei bravissima
anch'io dipingo un salutone anna