Friday, May 27, 2011

"Sally's Roses in a Brandy Snifter", 10x10, oil on canvas

"Sally's Roses in a Brandy Snifter", 10x10, oil on canvas
(Note: you can click on the image to see the impasto better.)

My friend Sally has a garden full of beautiful roses. Whenever I visit her, she has them placed around the house in different vases and I always am eager to snatch some photos for references for future paintings.

I like the way this painting came out. The impasto in the flowers is hard to see from a monitor, but there is beautiful harmony between the flowers and the background. The painting has happy pink roses teamed up with shades of blue, green and purple. The painting is sale priced with free shipping for Memorial Day weekend! I hope you enjoy Sally's roses as much as I do!

If you are interested in this piece, please send me an email at, or visit my website at Maryanne Jacobsen Fine Art if you wish to see more of my original oil paintings.

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