Tuesday, September 06, 2011

"View of Ram Island Lighthouse from Ocean Point", 10x8, oil on linen by Maryanne Jacobsen

"Ram Island Lighthouse from Ocean Point", 10x8, oil on linen by Maryanne Jacobsen

A funny thing happened while I was in Maine. I met a fellow artist Roger Milinowski while visiting his gallery, Head of the Harbor, in Boothbay Harbor. We got to talking and he asked me where I was from. I told him I lived in southwest Florida and he said, "You know, I have a friend that I visit in Venice Florida and to be perfectly honest with you, I didn't see much to inspire me there."

I burst out laughing because Roger had no idea that I lived in Venice, Florida! I told him to tell that to my hubby , a non-artist, who doesn't quite get it when I complain that I don't have any inspiration here. At any rate, the reason that I have been painting New England scenes non-stop for the past month, is simply because Maine has a painting to be painted around every single corner!

Today I went back to my color studies and decided to do something that I knew would be easy- a triadic study using the three primaries. So I used a cool and warm blue ( cobalt and ultramarine) as well as a cool and warm red (Permanent rose and cadmium red) and a cool and warm yellow ( cad yellow medium and lemon yellow). Man was this one easy!

If you are a non painter reading this, let me explain.

There are three primaries- blue, yellow and red. From the three primaries you get all of the other colors on the color wheel. So thus I can mix a violet from blue and red, or a green from yellow and blue or an orange from red and yellow! Thus my choices of colors are unlimited when using the three primaries! Using 6 colors is even easier because I had a cool and warm of each, which when mixed together give you a pretty pure primary as well!

This was a huge difference from my struggles yesterday to paint with violet, viridian green and orange. You can make secondary colors from primaries, but you can't make primaries from secondaries. Hence all the grayish blues, reds and yellow in the last piece that I did.

Anyway, this painting is a view of the Ram Island Lighthouse from Ocean Point, which is just about a ten minute drive from Boothbay Harbor, Maine. You can see this lighthouse by boat if you are cruising to Monhegan Island and other islands in the area.

I hope that you have been enjoying all of my painting of Maine scenes. Please let me know if you are sick of them yet!

This painting is available through Lorica Artworks in Andover, Ma.

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Katherine Thomas said...

What a lovely composition! The subtle colors are so pretty and it makes the scene feel so serene and relaxed. I love the flowers in the foreground!