Wednesday, November 30, 2011

"Panda Magic", panda painting, panda eating bamboo

SOLD"Panda Magic", 8x10, oil on canvas

This painting is sold, but if you would like to commission a panda painting to give as a gift for Christmas to that panda lover in your life, just send me an email at

A trip to San Diego would hardly be complete without a visit to the city's world class zoo. This zoo rivals any zoo I have ever visited, and although I hate to see animals in captivity, I was assured by friends that this zoo would make me feel better about that. In truth, I was very impressed with this zoo, as it has gone to great lengths to re-create the natural environment that the animals would normally live in. The animals are very well cared for, and when one considers that man is the greatest threat to some of the most endangered of the species found here, it makes sense to try to house them in a beautiful place where they can be nurtured and cared for.

The pandas are on loan from China, and are the most popular of the exhibits at the zoo.

After viewing the pandas munching peacefully on bamboo stalks, I realized why these animals are so beloved by humans.

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Sadeu said...

I love how you paint! : )