Saturday, March 01, 2014

"Morning in Umbria", 12x24, oil on canvas, vineyards, paintings of Umbria, Italy, Tuscany, rolling fields, plaette knife landscapes, maryanne jacobsen

"Morning in Umbria", 12x24, oil on canvas

On the knolls where the vineyards and fruit-gardens are
There's a beauty that even the drought cannot mar;
For I noticed it oft, in the days that are lost,
As I trod on the siding where lingered the frost,
When the shadows of night from the gullies were gone
And the hills in the background were flushed by the dawn.
-from "Above Eurunderee" by Henry Lawson
There is something lovely about a vineyard in the morning light. The earth breathes out color and abundance and the promise of the ripened vine, which will bring forth the delightful wine that helps celebrate our victories while comforting our sorrows.
This painting was done with palette knife and brush and has passages of brilliant color interspersed with the neutrals of the receding hills.
This painting is available through Gallery 444 in San Francisco. You may contact them at  for pricing information at (415) 434-4477.
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