Monday, November 30, 2009

Hopelessly in Love with my Apples


"Hopelessly in love with my apples", 9x12, oil on Raymar panel

I've had the flu for the past few days and haven't felt like doing much of anything. This evening I finally pulled enough strength together to put up my easel in my studio-which happens to be my kitchen. Having accomplished that much, I started rummaging around for something to paint. I clipped a flower out of the garden and poured some maple syrup into a glass to make it look like I had some good cognac on hand. The only thing missing was the apples and i have plenty of them in my frig since I love apples and peanut butter for a snack. In spite of a decent set-up, the painting got off to a slow start.

Here's my set-up:

For those artists with a studio, aren't you lucky?

Anyhow, the painting is finished and it looks great. The flower looks like as though it has a little face that is staring down at the apples with a sort of wistful expression, hence the title, "Hopelessly in love with my Apples." , , , , ,, ,,, ,

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