Monday, February 14, 2011

"Crazy old bard", 11x14, oil on linen

"Crazy old bard", 11x14, oil on linen

I have worked on this thing for almost a week! And for me- an alla prima painter, it has been torture! Normally I like the challenge of figurative work. But this time I got hung up on hands. When I paint dancers, I don't seem to have a problem with hands. Probably because I spent so many years correcting bad hands in my studio when the girls couldn't get them right. And believe me , bad hands stick out on stage like bad hands in a painting. I didn't want that! I taught the Vaganova method of ballet, which called for very strict hands, fingers and port de bras. I think I can do Vaganova hands in my sleep!

Anyhow, I don't know how much more I should do to this fella. I think he's done. If nothing else, this painting was a wonderful lesson in humility! And we artists sure have a lot of those lessons , don't we?

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Susan Roux said...

This one is really wonderful! I know pushing yourself on a piece and not loosing it is a real challenge. I've been doing that a lot these past 6 months. But I have to admit, it's a great way to improve your work.

Are you considering coming to Don Hatfield's workshop here in July? Nora's coming.