Monday, February 21, 2011

"Red Poppies in Provence",14x11, oil on board

"Red Poppies in Provence",14x11, oil on board

This is one of those paintings that fell together without much effort. No preliminary sketch, no intense thought behind it, just lots of vibrant color and fun! Loved painting it, and since it fell together rather quickly I have priced it well under my normal pricing structure to sell quickly. The photo does not do justice to the painting as the impasto and brush strokes cannot be seen.

Lots of lovely color and pieces of impasto in this one! Take your very own trip to Provence within this painting for a fraction of the price! To see some of my other paintings of the Provencial region, simply type the words, Provence, Luberon, , mas, St. Paul de Vence or lavender into the search box located at the top of the left hand column at my home page or visit my official website here.

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