Saturday, February 26, 2011

"Whatever happened, happened", 16x12, oil on masonsite,


"Whatever happened, happened", 16x12, oil on masonite,

If you don't get the title, don't worry about it. Here's a little hint, for those who are curious. "The island will tell you what to do". That being said, I doubt that the the island told me what to do when I painted this.

I just needed to blow off some steam tonight, and a loose landscape of a LOST island was just the trick that I needed. I feel so much better now! :0)

I have been taking a portrait workshop the past few days with amazing impressionist, Clayton Beck, and I have been working very hard to understand all this stuff about edges and values and temperature and quality of brushwork. Way over this dumb chick's head! Nevertheless, the experience has been invaluable so far, and I just know the guy with the hat will make a better artist out of me in the end!

Meanwhile, If you are or were a Lostie, (like me), and want to buy this beautiful painting of that one particular island or safe harbor, sheltered by the wind, just hit the PayPal button and hopefully your funds won't travel into another dimension before it goes into my Paypal account!


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Deborah said...

Really love the looseness of this and the lush colours.