Wednesday, March 23, 2011

"Long Shadows-Provence"-10x8, oil on wrapped canvas

"Long Shadows-Provence"-10x8, oil on wrapped canvas

I have been having a hard time getting back into painting. Today I wanted to go paint outside in the sunlight, but a friend sent me a link telling me that there is a lot of radiation hovering over Florida, so I changed my mind. I tried to think about what I could paint that would make me feel happy again, and then I remembered Deborah Lawrenson's beautiful blog about Provence.

Deborah is a British author and her new book "The Lantern" is due out in the United States in September. I can hardly wait, and if I can't, I'll my order the British copy instead, which is due out in June. "The Lantern" is a modern Gothic novel about a crumbling hamlet in Provence. What more could any woman ask for?

Deborah and I met online not that long ago, and she was kind enough to grant me permission to use a scene from her Youtube video about "The Lantern" for a painting. With my mom's recent passing, I have forgotten about a lot of the paintings that I had planned on painting this spring. But as I revisited her hauntingly beautiful video this afternoon, I decided to try to do a quick study of the scene I found around 2 and a half minutes into the video, where lovely long shadows tucked across a weathered path meet sun-drenched passages that are sumptuously dripping in tangerine-colored notes influenced by a late afternoon sky.

This was my reference:
I painted this with a palette knife only and if I only had a better photo of the scene I might attempt a larger painting of the same image. Working from a screenshot was a little challenging, since the quality wasn't there, but I was intent on just trying to secure the light and shadow notes in a complimentary color scheme that would accentuate the drama in a simple scene.