Wednesday, March 30, 2011

"The Magic Forest", 16x12, oil on masonite, paintings of forests, trees,boats and streams

"The Magic Forest", 16x12, oil on masonite

Yesterday, I gave a friend an art lesson. I was not really very enthusiastic about the idea of giving an art lesson.

First of all, please understand it's not because I don't enjoy teaching people things. It's just that I taught dance for about ten years- all ages and levels, and although it was a wonderful experience, it was also very demanding and stressful.

I am definitely too old for demanding and stressful experiences!

At any rate, I acquiesced and gave my friend her "lesson".

She was wonderful- made me a delicious lunch and could not have been a better pupil!

At the end 0f the lesson she politely asked me if I wanted her to make a copy of her reference photo so I could finish the demo. I said 'no', not because it wasn't a pretty photo, but only because it wasn't a scene that I felt I could paint well.

I went home and scraped down the Masonite board that I had done the demo on, and went to bed, convinced that I am not good for teaching or much else any more!

This morning I looked at the scraped down piece of masonite and because I am cheap, ( better word is a conservationist), I became convinced that I didn't want to waste a perfectly good piece of Masonite that still had some perfectly good paint on it. So I tried to figure out what I could paint, in order to use the colors that were already on the support.

What you see above is the result. My friend had a photo of a stream with a big tree on the left. So I tried to stay with the overall theme, and used my imagination. In the end, I just added a boat and took out the complex bridge structure that was in her photo- a little too much information for my simple taste!

I was kind of happy with the result. This is the first time that I really came up with a successful painting that came out of my imagination. It does kind look like a magic forest, I think;0)

I have not been able to put a price on it, for the simple reason that it is a bit of a "leftover".

If you like it, just email me at and make me a reasonable offer.

Thanks for looking and please come back again.

Please send me an email at for availability and purchase information about this painting. To visit my official website and learn more about me and see more results of my daily dance with paint, please go here.


Anonymous said...

Hello! Your work is absolutely incredible and I loved "The Magic Forest"--there is something magical indeed about the woods depicted in this painting. I was wondering if you would consider having this piece as the cover art at Cerebration for the May-June 2011 Issue. Please write to us at (

Paintdancer said...

Yes, you may use the art for your cover. If you need a high resolution image of the artwork, please send me an email.


Jemmy Farmer said...

Thank you for inspiring my poetry today.I hope you don't mind I have included your painting with the write and linked back.


Jemmy Farmer said...

Oops forgot the link

sorry about that