Friday, July 15, 2011

"Early Morning Solitude", 36x48, oil on board, paintings of sailboats, Florida sunrises, sunsets, impressionist art

"Early Morning Solitude", 36x48, oil on board

This is one of two commissioned paintings that I did recently for The Ritz Carlton Hotel in Naples Florida. I had to buy a new easel in order to accommodate such a large support , so I bought a St. Remy studio easel. You can read reviews about the easel here, if you are looking for a large easel that can accommodate very large supports. The down side to this easel is that the assembly instructions were very difficult to understand and it took my husband and I two days to put it together.

The painting was done with a palette knife and took a lot of paint! Then came the drying time and the problem of shipping! I'd love to hear how other artists ship large works as I found Fed Ex very difficult to deal with when I shipped this. They did not have a box large enough to fit the painting and insisted that it be crated. Am happy this is done and am looking forward to seeing it hung!

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Susan Roux said...

Wonderful painting. Congrats on both the commission and naturally the sale that went with it.

Nancy Standlee said...

I googled Saint Remy easel assembly and found this.. as a friend and I tried all day yesterday to put mine together and will have to return it as the box where the canvas sits will not adjust up and down. There is a 1/2 x 3" rectangle piece of wood stop at the bottom where the trigger switch is attached that stops the box from ratcheting up ..looks like it should be shaped or grooved.. Love you painting and glad you got yours together.

Nancy Standlee said...

Oh forgot to check the email comment box.. if you have any input?

Prerana Kulkarni said...

This is a beautiful painting! great colors!
I am curious though, where do you buy such big size canvas board? What kind do you use? The max size I have done using palette knife is 16x20, haven't dared to go larger size so far.

Paintdancer said...

HI Nancy,
Just got back form vacation, so I am sorry I did not respond sooner. Yes, the St. Remy easel is definitely a dog to assemble. It took both my husband and I together about three days to finally get it together. I also had a defect, but it was minor, so I didn't send it back. However the one wheel cracked and broke off two weeks after using it. We are trying super glue to see if it will hold!
Thanks for your kind words about the painting!

Paintdancer said...


I used masonite for this piece, which I bought at Home Depot. It was one quarter inch thick and pretty darned heavy! However, I like masonite for palette knife work, which this was. I applied five coats of gesso and sanded each coat in between. I also applied gesso to the back so the board wouldn't warp. Hope that helps!

Prerana Kulkarni said...

I love your paintings! Thanks for your reply. So any larger than 16x20 inches, would you use masonite for palette knife work? Also what gesso do you use?