Thursday, March 21, 2013

"The Fish House, Monhegan Island", 14x11

"The Fish House, Monhegan Island", 14x11

This painting was painted to be a companion piece to "The Red House, Monhegan Island." and has sold through Galerie du Soleil.

I added the fellow in red shirt and the boat with red sail to tie together the color elements from the first painting. Also the path and flowers mimic each other somewhat, as does the island of Manana in the background.  Monhegan Island off the coast of Maine is quite a special little island and paradise for artists, fish lovers, and eccentrics, too lol.

The Red House was made famous by either Jaime or Andrew Wyeth, (can't recall which!) who painted often at Monhegan and had a summer place there. The red house is on Swim Beach and right down the road is Fish Beach which is the location of my second painting of The Fish House on Fish Beach Road.

Here are the two paintings side by side:

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