Monday, March 04, 2013

"The Red House, Monhegan Island", 14x11, oil on canvas

"The Red House, Monhegan Island", 14x11, oil on canvas
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Two summers ago we visited Monhegan  Island on a hot August day. I couldn't believe that Maine could be so hot, especially some thirty miles out to sea in the cold Atlantic! Well, it was way too hot for me to want to paint outdoors, so instead I dragged all my paint gear around the island shooting photos wherever I went.

The Red House looks out towards the loading dock on the island. It is well known for its distinctive color and over the years has gone through numerous rennovations and additions.

Over the weekend it was so cold here in Florida that I looked for something warm to paint, and found it in an unlikely spot! You guessed it- Maine! Here's my reference photo for the scene:

I took out some of the boats and figures in order to simplify the scene. I suggested the lobster nets and the tiny house across the water on the little island of Manana but tried to keep it simple so the eye would focus on the red house.

To learn more about Monhegan Island you can go here. To see my painting of Fish Beach Road on Monhegan you can go here. The painting took a second place ribbon last year at The Englewood Art Center.

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Brenda Ferguson said...

Maryanne, this painting is LUSCIOUS! I'm from Maine and haven't been to Monhegan. Imagine. Shame on me. I plan to go and spend time this summer. Thanks for a glorious painting of beautiful Maine.