Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Rainy Season- God Bless the Rains

"Jungle Music- God Bless the Rains", 11x14, oil on canvas panel
Note : please click on the image to see the impasto.

This one is pretty wild, but it's also rather cool. I like it a lot, because the strokes seem to be dancing. Must be because I was listening to Toto's Africa, recorded by the Colgate 13, while I was painting this. Wanna listen to the Toto version? It's really cool, though I like the Colgate 13 version , too, which was done a capella. My son was leader of the group when they recorded it for their Cadence album in 2001. Here's the Toto version:

This painting has been accepted into Art Center Sarasota's "Green" exhibition, through September 12th. Contact me after that date if you wish to purchase this painting. And if you like acapella music done really well, purchase some CD's by the Colgate Thirteen. My favorite albums are Cadence and Stargazing. You can listen to Africa sung a capella by clicking this link and going to the Stargazing album, and then clicking on track #11. I like this version a lot, though I like the version on the Cadence CD better.

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