Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Effortless- ballet art, dancers

"Effortless", 8x10, oil on gallery-wrapped linen (Masterpiece) canvas.

I must admit that the one show that I never miss an episode of is "So You Think You Can Dance". I was heartbroken when Danny Tidwell was eliminated (he came in second) two seasons ago, because they guy literally brought a lump to my throat every time I watched his incredible grande leaps, high jumps and long, lyrical lines that moved like molten lava in their slow effortless intensity across the dance floor.

This year , my vote is definitely going to go for Melissa Sandvig, who also has the grace and fluidity that makes for great dancing. She is the first dancer on the show, to my knowledge at least, who is a professionally trained ballerina, and that ballet training will shine through loud and clear in the weeks ahead on the show, in my humble opinion. She danced a contemporary piece last week, with her partner, Ade, and it was just beautiful to watch. I saw the little elonge of the wrist at the end of the arabesque , so I am betting she was trained in the Vaganova pedagogue, as well, which was how I trained my dancers. My painting above, reminds me a little bit of Melissa, and I am eager to see what she will do in tonight's episode of "So You Think You Can Dance!"

The trick to being a good or great dancer, is to make one's movements look effortless, in spite of the hard work involved to get to the point where a dancer can make her movements as light and effortless as a feather.

Painting is like that also, where less is more and an overworked canvas can be the death knell to what started out as a good painting. This painting took me a while to do, but thanks to the wonderful Masterpiece Vincent canvas that I used for a support, I was able to make changes to it and not have it look overworked.New!

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